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This table is a child table of Students and is used to store lunch status changes. This table is available for all states and provinces and might or might not be utilized for your state or province.

Column NameVersionData TypeDescription
ID19.8.2.0Number(10,0)Primary Key
End_Date19.8.2.0DateThe end date for a lunch status.

Indicates if the student is Economically Disadvantaged. The values for the EconomicDisadvantage field are seeded for each state or province.


Indicates the criteria used to determine the student's lunch eligibility. The values for the LunchEligibility field are seeded for each state or province.

LunchStatus19.8.2.0Varchar2(3)The changed lunch status value of the core field.
Notes19.8.2.0Varchar2(4000)The comments from the user.
ReportedValue19.8.2.0Varchar2(40)The reported value. The values for the ReportedValue field are seeded for each state or province.
SchoolID19.8.2.0Number(10,0)The school number.
Start_Date19.8.2.0DateThe start date for a lunch status.
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