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S_STU_CRS_ACP_S (ver 16.11.0)

This table is a child table of [S_STU_ACP_S] table and is used to relate a Course/Grade Level/Subject Area to a Student's Academic Plan. This table is available for all states and provinces and might or might not be utilized for your state or province.

Column NameVersionData TypeDescription
 ID16.11.0Number(11,0)Primary Key
S_Stu_ACP_SID16.11.0Number(11,0)Foreign Key to S_STU_ACP_S table.

Foreign Key to Courses table.

S_SubArea_ACP_CID16.11.0Number(11,0)Foreign Key to S_SUBAREA_ACP_C table.
S_GradeLevel_ACP_CID16.11.0Number(11,0)Foreign Key to S_GRADELEVEL_ACP_C table.
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