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This table is a child table of the Students table. This table stores the section information at the destination school for students enrolled from another LEA. This table is available for all states/provinces and may or may not be utilized for your state/province.

Column Name


Data Type





Primary Key

STUDENTSDCID21.1.2Number(19,0)Foreign Key
AVG_MINUTES21.1.2NUMBER(11,0)The number of minutes this section meets on a daily basis.
COURSE_NAME21.1.2VARCHAR2(100 CHAR)The name of the course the student is taking at the destination school.
COURSE_NUMBER21.1.2VARCHAR2(50 CHAR) The number of the course the student is taking at the destination school.
DEST_LEA_CODE21.1.2VARCHAR2(5 CHAR)The LEA code where the student is taking the course.
DEST_SCHOOL_ID21.1.2NUMBER(11,0)The School code where the student is taking the course.
DEST_SECTION_ID21.1.2NUMBER(11,0)The internal section id for the section at the destination school.
DEST_TERMID21.1.2NUMBER(11,0)The term id for the section at the destination school.
DEST_TERMNAME21.1.2VARCHAR2(100 CHAR)The name of the term for the section at the destination school.
ENTRYDATE21.1.2DateThe date the student entered the section.
EXITDATE21.1.2DateThe date that the student withdrew or completed the section at the destination school.
EXPRESSION21.1.2VARCHAR2(50 CHAR)The expression on the section at the destination school. 
FACILITATOR21.4.2VARCHAR2(50 CHAR) Data for Cross LEA for Development use
RESERVED121.1.2VARCHAR2(50 CHAR)  Stores the GUID that links to the S_STU_CROSSLEA_REQUESTS_C and S_CROSSLEA_REENROLLMENTS_S table and S_STU_CROSSLEA_ATT_C table for the section information.
RESERVED221.1.2VARCHAR2(50 CHAR)  Not currently used.
RESERVED321.1.2VARCHAR2(50 CHAR)  Not currently used.
RESERVED421.1.2VARCHAR2(50 CHAR)  Not currently used.
RESERVED521.1.2VARCHAR2(50 CHAR)  Not currently used.
SECTION_ENTRY_DATE21.1.2DATEThe date the cross LEA record was processed.
SECTION_NUMBER21.1.2VARCHAR2(50 CHAR)The section number of the section at the destination school.
SELECT_PROCESSED21.1.2VARCHAR2(1 CHAR)This is a P if the request has been processed and the student is enrolled in the section at the other LEA. This is a D if the request was denied. This is R if the request has not been processed.
SOURCE_LEA_CODE21.1.2VARCHAR2(5 CHAR)This is the LEA code of the student's home school.
SOURCE_LEA_HOST21.1.2VARCHAR2(50 CHAR)This is the PowerSchool URL for the student's home school (source).
SOURCE_SCHOOL_ID21.1.2NUMBER(11,0)This is the school id for the student's home school.
STATE_COURSE_NUMBER21.1.2VARCHAR2(10 CHAR)This is the state_course_number for the section.
STOP_DATE21.1.2DATEThis is the date that the system should stop trying to enroll the student in another section at another LEA (in case they are on a wait list).
Teacher_Name21.1.2Varchar2(50)This is the teacher name for the section the student is enrolled at the destination school.




Date and time stamp for the enrollment transaction.

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