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S_SEN_X (ver

This table is an extension of the [SpEnrollments] table and is primarily used in conjunction with Ed-Fi related functionality. This table available for all states and provinces and may or may not be utilized for your state or province.

Column Name


Data Type


SpEnrollmentsDCID19.11.1.0Number(11,0)Primary Key



CTE - Area of interest leading to chosen career; Ed-Fi descriptor.



CTE - IP code associated with the student's CTE program.



CTE - Indicator whether the student has completed a CTE program.

ELAssessmentParticipation19.11.1.0Varchar2(50)ELL - Student's participation level in yearly English language assessment; Ed-Fi descriptor.
ELMonitored19.11.1.0Varchar2(50)ELL - The monitored level of ELL students no longer receiving services; Ed-Fi descriptor.
ELParticipationIndicator19.11.1.0Number(1,0)ELL - An indicator of whether the student receives ELL services under Title III of ESEA.
ELProficiency19.11.1.0Varchar2(50)ELL - The student's proficiency level in yearly English language assessment; Ed-Fi descriptor.
ExcludeFromEdFi19.11.1.0Number(1,0)Indicates if the student's special education program enrollment is excluded from Ed-Fi.
IdeaEligibility19.11.1.0Number(1,0)SPED - Indicates if the student qualifies for IDEA status.
InstructionProgramService19.11.1.0Varchar2(50)ELL - The type of langue instruction program service provided; Ed-Fi descriptor.
LastQualifyingMove19.11.1.0DateMigrant - Date of last qualifying move, used to compute MEP status.
MigrantProgramService19.11.1.0Varchar2(50)Migrant - The type of migrant program service provided; Ed-Fi descriptor.
NeglectedProgram19.11.1.0Varchar2(50)Neglected - The type of Neglected or Delinquent program; Ed-Fi descriptor.
NeglectedProgramService19.11.1.0Varchar2(50)Neglected - The type of Neglected or Delinquent program service provided; Ed-Fi descriptor
NighttimeResidence19.11.1.0Varchar2(50)Homeless - Primary nighttime residence of the student when identified as homeless; Ed-Fi descriptor.



CTE - Indicator that the student's gender group comprises of less than 25% of employees in the chosen occupation

PriorityForServices19.11.1.0Number(1,0)Migrant - Indicator student is migratory and classified as having priority for services.



CTE - Indicator that student participated in CTE at private agencies reported by state for ESEA.



The name of the Ed-Fi resource to use for publishing this record.



CTE - Results of technical skills assessment; Ed-Fi descriptor.

SpecialEducationSetting19.11.1.0Varchar2(50)SPED - The major instructional setting of a student's special education program; Ed-Fi descriptor.
TitleIParticipantType19.11.1.0Varchar2(50)Title I - The type of Title I program in which the student is participating: school-wide, targeted, etc.; Ed-Fi descriptor.
UnaccompaniedYouth19.11.1.0Number(1,0)Homeless - Indicates student is not in custody of parent/guardian and fits the McKinney-Vento definition of homeless.
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