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S_REN_X (ver.

This table is an extension of the [ReEnrollments] table. This table is available for all states and provinces and might or might not be utilized for your state or province.

Column NameVersionData TypeDescription




Primary Key

ActiveDutyParent19.1.0Varchar2(1)Indicates whether a student has a parent on active duty in the U.S. military (excluding the National Guard) in the past year. 
Immigrant19.1.0Varchar2(1)Indicates whether the student is an immigrant.
ExcludeFromEdFi19.11.1.0Number(1,0)Indicates whether to exclude students from Ed-Fi publishing.
RepeatGradeIndicator19.11.1.0Number(1,0)Ed-Fi - Indicates if the student repeated the grade from the previous year.
ResidencyStatus19.11.1.0Varchar2(30)Ed-Fi - Indicates the location of legal residence relative to the school attended and its administrative unit.
SchoolChoiceTransfer19.11.1.0Number(1,0)Ed-Fi - Indicates the if the student was transferred to this school as allowed by a School Choice initiative.
DeviceType21.08.2.0Varchar2(10)The Device Type is a part of Student Digital Resource data. For example : Desktop Computer, Laptop Computer etc..
DeviceAccess21.08.2.0Varchar2(5)The Device Access is a part of Student Digital Resource data. For example : Personal Dedicated - The device is personal and not shared, Personal Shared - The device personal but shared etc..
InternetInResidence21.08.2.0Varchar2(5)The Internet Access In Residence is a part of Student Digital Resource data. Options are Yes or No.
InternetAccess21.08.2.0Varchar2(5)The Internet Access Type is a part of Student Digital Resource data. For example : Fiber, Cable DSL etc..
InternetPerformance21.08.2.0Varchar2(5)The Internet Performance is a part of Student Digital Resource data. For example : Yes, reliable with no issues, Yes, but not consistent etc..
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