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S_CRS_X (ver 19.2.0)

This table is an extension of the [Courses] table. This table is available for all states/provinces and may or may not be utilized for your state/province.

Column NameVersionData TypeDescription
CoursesDCID19.2.0Number(10,0)Primary Key
AcademicSubject19.11.1.0Varchar2(50)Ed-Fi academicSubject descriptor.
CourseLevel19.11.1.0Varchar2(50)Ed-Fi levelCharacteristics descriptor, e.g. AP, IB, Dual Credit, CTE etc.
ExcludeFromEdFi19.11.1.0Number(1,0)Exclude course, course sections, and related data from Ed-Fi publishing.



Indicate additional courses beyond the normal PE courses for Fitness Assessment. For example: For inclusion in the FitnessGram extract.

InstructionMode  20.10.1Varchar2(3)Mode of Instruction for the Courses.
MaxCompletionsForCredit19.11.1.0Number(11,0)Ed-Fi maxCompletionsForCredit. The number of times course may be taken for credit - typically blank unless > 1.
NumberOfParts19.11.1.0Number(11,0)Ed-Fi numberOfParts. The number of parts identified for a course - typically blank unless > 1.
SCED_AP_Type19.8.2.0Varchar2(30)Required for CRDC while counting aggregates of students enrolled and passed in a particular AP type.
SCED_Carnegie_Credit19.8.2.0Varchar2(4)The amount of credit available to a student who successfully meets the objectives of the course.
SCED_CompleteCourseCode20.1.2.0Varchar2(12)The complete SCED course code. Derived from SCED_Course_Code, SCED_Carnegie_Credit or SCED_Grade_Span, and SCED_Sequence.
SCED_Course_Code19.8.2.0Varchar2(5)The federally assigned SCED code. Typically a five-digit number.
SCED_Course_Level19.8.2.0Varchar2(1)The SCED course level.
SCED_Grade_Span19.8.2.0Varchar2(4)The grade span for which the course is appropriate. The grade span is represented as a four-character code with no decimals
SCED_Sequence19.8.2.0Varchar2(2)Represents the sequential position of a specific course when the course is part of a consecutive sequence of courses. Updated from one character to two characters in version
SCED_Subject_Type19.8.2.0Varchar2(30)Required for CRDC while counting aggregates of students enrolled and passed in a particular subject type.
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