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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-315394'Specify Other' Field Fix

Specify Other Field not carrying out the provided data to the transfer info pages unless Destination District is selected.
And also Specify Other Field is not clearing/updating the provided data in the transfer info pages unless Destination District is selected.

PSSR-313059AL- Driver's License Page Feature Flags

Users can control access to view/edit the Driver’s License page for teachers with the “Use this Course for Driver’s License Security” field on the Course page at District and School level. The Driver’s License page will be accessible to teachers who teach courses for which this field is checked.

Path: Course page at District Setup and School Setup

PSSR-313214Cohort Reason Codeset is Available in CodeSet UI Page

Cohort Reason Codeset is made available in CodeSet UI Page.

PSSR-312116District and School/School Info pages Fields changed to Read Only

Below fields from District and School/Schoolinfo pages are changed to Read only.

  1. Name of District
  2. District Number
  3. School Name
PSSR-312122Mapping Race Fields to Scheduling/Reporting Ethnicity

S_cheduling/Reporting Ethnicity_ field will no longer be visible on the Student Demographics page. The value will be available in the database. Race and Ethnicity question values will be mapped to the Scheduling/Reporting Ethnicity field_._ A script will update the mapping for existing records.

Path: Start Page > Student Selection > General Demographics

PSSR-312115New Data Collection Added Under Schools/School Info Page

Added new field “AL School Category” at the bottom of the page which will fetch values from the codeset table with codetype “AL School Category”

PSSR-312738New Data collection Added Under Student Page

A new field was added to capture “Graduation Class Rank” under the Graduation Exit Type section of the AL Custom page. All changes will be captured in the Change History.

Path: Start Page > Select Student > State/Province-AL > AL Custom tab

PSSR-314542New Private School Field on Student Pages

A new field that collects students' Private School information is added to Enroll student and Student Demographics page. This is collected only for School 4999

PSSR-312612Staff Emergency Page Updates

New page added that collects information about Staff emergency contacts.

PSSR-313213Waiver Type Field Updates - AL Custom Tab

The Waiver Type field will store CodeSetID instead of Code Value. Waiver Type code values can be viewed on the Code Sets page also.

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