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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-235511Add History Tracking for Homeless Student - Rollover Changes

You can now set the end date of the open Homeless historical record to the last day of school.
Note: This functionality is not available for graduate students or students who have transferred out before the end of the year.

PSSR-230819AL DOE Update - Add Staff Position Data Collection - Audit Tracking

You can now collect data related to Staff Position in Audit Tracking.

PSSR-232436AL DOE Update - Added Audit Tracking for Foreign Exchange Student

Audit tracking is now available for Foreign Exchange Student Data Collection.

PSSR-233152AL DOE Update - Added History tracking for 'Athlete' on AL Custom tab

A new category is added for "Athlete" on AL Custom tab to track history.
Navigation: Start Page > Student Selection > State/Province - AL > AL Custom > Athlete.

PSSR-236253AL DOE Update: Added Audit Tracking for "Driver's License # /Permit #" and "State Issued" fields on AL Custom tab

Audit tracking is now available for "Driver's License/Permit #" and "State Issued" fields.

PSSR-236249AL DOE Update: Added new fields "Driver's License/Permit #" and "State Issued" to AL Custom tab

New fields "Driver's License/Permit #" and "State Issued" are added to the AL Custom tab in Personal category.

PSSR-235394New System Report - Attendance Profile Report

Attendance Profile Report: Version 1.0
A new Attendance Profile Report is now available on the System Reports page. The report pulls attendance data for a student (or students) within the specified date range.
The report displays the following data:

  • Aggregated presences/absences
  • Non-blank attendance by period/day (up to 12 periods)
  • Counts of non-blank attendance
  • Clock In/Clock Out times
  • Student demographic data

The report works with the following attendance methods:

  • Meeting
  • Daily
  • Interval

Note: Districts must be on PowerSchool version 20.4 to view and run this report.

PSSR-220341AL Health - The "Physicals" Tab is Hidden for all AL InstallationsThe 'Physicals' section on the Heath page does not display for AL PowerSchool SIS.
PSSR-230117Implemented Audit Column Transformer for Historical Record Fields

Applied audit column transformer for the following pages:

  • Birth Certificate State (AL State Province page)
  • Head Start (AL State Province page)
  • First Class Funded Preschool (AL State Province page)
  • County (Demographics page)


Career Tech Credentials System Report

Career Tech Credentials: Version 1.0

A new Career Tech Credentials report is now available on the System Reports tab and will show all the student credentials records earned in the given date range of the report.

This report runs only at the school level and utilizes the CTE functionality that was released in PowerSchool version 19.11.

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