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Special Programs


You can view Special Programs State Reporting data through PowerSchool SIS. If there is data for a student in the Special Programs product, that data is automatically displayed on the Special Programs page.

  1. Select a Student.
  2. Click State/Province - AL under Information category on the left menu. The Alabama State Reporting Information page appears.
  3. Select the Special Programs tab.

Navigation: Start page > Student Selection > Alabama State Information > Special Programs.

Data ElementDescription[Table]FieldNameLength
StatusThe Special Programs status.[S_AL_STU_Special_Program_X]Status11
Case ManagerThe name of the Case Manager.[S_AL_STU_Special_Program_X]CaseManager100
GiftedIndicates whether the student belongs to the gifted category.[S_AL_STU_Special_Program_X]IsGifted1

Indicates whether the child has any exceptionality.

A child who has an exceptionality has some area of functioning in which he or she is significantly different from an established norm. This definition includes both students with disabilities and those with special gifts or talents.

IEP from DateThe IEP beginning date.[S_AL_STU_Special_Program_X]CurrentIEPStartDateDate
IEP to DateThe IEP ending date.[S_AL_STU_Special_Program_X]CurrentIEPEndDateDate
Current Evaluation DateThe current evaluation date for the student.[S_AL_STU_Special_Program_X]CurrentEvaluationDateDate
Reevaluation Due DateThe reevaluation date for the student.[S_AL_STU_Special_Program_X]ReevaluationDateDate
Graduation Pathway

Indicates whether the student has opted for a Graduation Pathway.

A Pathway program is a one-year introduction to a full degree curriculum and prepares students for their entry into university

Special Education Exit DateThe Special Education exit date for the student.[S_AL_STU_Special_Program_X]SpecialEducationExitDateDate
Special Education Exit ReasonThe Special Education exit reason for the student. [S_AL_STU_Special_Program_X]SpecialEducationExitReason11
Exiting Exceptionality

Indicates the student's primary exceptionality at the time of exit.

Using the results of the multidisciplinary evaluation, the EC determines the student’s primary exceptionality at the time of exit.

In-State TransferIndicates whether the student is a resident in-state transfer student.[S_AL_STU_Special_Program_X]InstateTransfer1
Out of State TransferIndicates whether the student a nonresident or out of state transfer student.[S_AL_STU_Special_Program_X]OutOfStateTransfer1
US Entry DateIndicates the date on which the student entered the US. [S_AL_STU_SpecedProfile_X]USEntryDateDate
Gifted Teacher

The name of the teacher who teaches the gifted program.

A gifted teacher has experience in gifted and talented programs and students of this type.

Gifted Consent DeniedIndicates whether the student has been denied consent to participate in the gifted program[S_AL_STU_Special_Program_X]GCONDenied1
The student is Eligible under section 504Indicates whether the student is eligible under section 504.[S_AL_STU_Special_Program_X]Five04Eligibility11

The student data is automatically populated from the Special Programs product.

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