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Set up Discipline Incident Codes


Incident types, codes, and subcodes are set up at the district. Use the following information to help you verify or edit incident management types, codes, and subcodes.

Code and Subcode Setup

Code types are used as to categorize incidents. PowerSchool includes 11 system-defined, non-editable code types that provide the basis from which all user-defined incident codes, subcodes, and secondary subcodes are created.

Navigation: Start Page > District Setup > Discipline and Log Entries: Incident Management

Refer to Incident Codes for more information.

Use the expand/collapse icon to display the code type list. After selecting a code type, the code and subcodes for that type are displayed at the bottom of the page with another expand/collapse icon.

Map Codes

If the district has user-created codes and PowerSchool-supplied codes are subsequently loaded, this could result in duplicate incident management codes. To avoid duplicates, use the PowerSchool code mapping functionality, which enables user-created codes to be merged with system codes. Refer to Incident Management Setup for State Reporting for more information.

Navigation: Start Page > District Setup > District Info > Map Duplicated codes to the equivalent current state reporting defined codes > [Select Code Category]

Incident Types

Using incident types, you can control which users can view and enter specific types of incidents. See Incident Types for more information.

Navigation: Start Page > District Setup > Incident Management > Incident Types

Do not remove or edit Alabama State Reporting incident types.

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