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S_AL_TSC_S ver

This table is a Standalone table to hold Threshold Values for Test Scores.

Column Name


Data Type


ID22.8.2.0Number(19,0)The primary key that indicates a unique ID
TEST_NAME22.8.2.0Varchar2(140)Test Name which is setup.
TEST_SCORE_NAME22.8.2.0Varchar2(140)Test Score Name which is setup
YEARID22.8.2.0Number(11,0)YearID of a School. Ex - 31 for 2021-2022
THRESHOLD22.8.2.0Number(25,0)Threshold Value for a Test Name and Test Score. Integer
ALPHATHRESHOLD22.8.2.0Varchar2(400)Threshold Value for a Test Name and Test Score. String
ISPROCESSED22.8.2.0Varchar2(40)Flag to indicate whether nightly job to pick certain rows for processing
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