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S_AL_STU_StuEvalWithinTLne_X (ver

This is an extension of the Students table and is used for reporting Special Programs data to the state ODS.

Column Name


Data Type


ApprovalDate20.8.2.0DateSnapShot Approval Date
Birthdate20.8.2.0DateStudent Date of Birth
District20.8.2.0Varchar2(100)District Name
DistrictID20.8.2.0Varchar2(15)District number
EINoticeDate20.8.2.0DateDate Letter of Notification Rec'd From EI
EndDate20.8.2.0DateReport End Date
EvalCompleteDate20.8.2.0DateFinal Completion Date of ALL Evaluations
EvalDelayRea20.8.2.0Varchar2(10)Reason for Late Evaluation
Evalin60Days20.8.2.0Varchar2(3)Evaluations Completed within 60 Days
ExcessDays20.8.2.0Varchar2(10)If "NO", Range of Days
FirstName20.8.2.0Varchar2(30)Student First Name
LastName20.8.2.0Varchar2(30)Student Last Name
MiddleName20.8.2.0Varchar2(30)Student Middle Name
School20.8.2.0Varchar2(100)School Name
SchoolNumber20.8.2.0Varchar2(15)School Code
SignConsInitEval20.8.2.0DateDate Signed Notice and Consent for Evaluation Received in Public Agency
StartDate20.8.2.0DateReport Start Date
StateID20.8.2.0Varchar2(30)State ID
StudentNumber20.8.2.0Varchar2(20)Student Number

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