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S_AL_STU_Special_Program_X ver

This table is an extension of the Students table. 

Column Name


Data Type


StudentSDCID19.11.1.0Number(19,0)The primary key that relates the extended table back to the Students table. 
CaseManager19.11.1.0Varchar2(100)The case manager's name.
CurrentEvaluationDate19.11.1.0DateThe student's current Special Program evaluation date.
CurrentIEPEndDate19.11.1.0DateThe student's current IEP end date.
CurrentIEPStartDate19.11.1.0DateThe student's current IEP start date.
Exceptionality19.11.1.0Number(11,0)The student's exceptionality.
ExitExceptionality19.11.1.0Number(11,0)The date the student exited the exceptionality program.
Five04Eligibility19.11.1.0Number(11,0)The student's 504 eligibility.
GConDenied19.11.1.0Number(1,0)The student's gifted consent denied indicator.
GiftedTeacher19.11.1.0Varchar2(100)The name of the gifted student's teacher.
GraduationPath19.11.1.0Number(11,0)The student's Graduation Path.
IEPAnnualReviewDueDate19.11.1.0DateThe due date of the student's IEP Annual Review.
InStateTransfer19.11.1.0Number(1,0)Indicates whether the student was transferred from within the state.
IsGifted19.11.1.0Number(1,0)Indicates whether the student is gifted.
LRECode19.11.1.0Number(11,0)The Least Restrictive Environment code for the student.
OutofStateTransfer19.11.1.0Number(1,0)Indicates whether the student was transferred in from out of state.
ReevaluationDueDate19.11.1.0DateThe due date of the student's Special Program reevaluation.
SpecialEducationExitDate19.11.1.0DateThe student's Special Education exit date.
SpecialEducationExitReason19.11.1.0Number(11,0)The student's Special Education exit reason.
Status19.11.1.0Number(11,0)The student's Special Education status.
IsReceivingService21.9.1.0BooleanIndicates if the student is currently receiving special education services
EnrollmentClearance21.9.1.0Varchar2(100)Indicates the student's Special Education services enrollment clearance status
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