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When adding a new course or editing an existing course, the ALSDE requires information to be captured for State Reporting at Course level. The following data elements are required for Alabama State Reporting setup.

Start Page > District Setup > Courses

  1. On the Start Page, click the School link at the top of the page. The school list appears.
  2. Choose District Office. The district start page appears.
  3. Click District. The District Setup page appears.
  4. Click Courses under Courses category. The Courses page appears. 
  5. Click on New Course or select an existing Course. 
  6. Scroll down to the Alabama State Reporting Information category.

Data Collection

Navigation: Start page > District Setup > Courses > New/Edit Course > Alabama State Reporting Information

Data ElementDescriptionTable.FieldNameLength
INOW Course Code

This field displays the INOW course code.

INOW Course NameThis field displays the INOW course name.]S_AL_CRS_X]INOW_Course_Name40
Low Grade LevelIndicates the course is Low Grade.[S_AL_CRS_X]Low_Grade_Level2
High Grade LevelIndicates the course is High Grade.[S_AL_CRS_X]High_Grade_Level2
Locally EditableIndicates if the Course can be edited locally[S_AL_CRS_X]Locally_Editable_TF1
College CourseIndicates if it is a college course.[S_AL_CRS_X]IsCollege1
Special Ed CourseIndicates if it is a Special Ed Course.[S_AL_CRS_X]IsSpecialEd1
Begin YearThe course beginning year.[S_AL_CRS_X]BeginYear4
End YearThe course ending year. [S_AL_CRS_X]EndYear4
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