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S_AB_STU_RECORD_DOC_C (ver SR_20.7.2.0)

This is a child table of Students table that stores student's classroom accommodations.

Column Name


Data Type


IDSR_20.7.2.0NUMBER(10,0)Primary Key




DCID of the Students table.
DOCDATESR_20.7.2.0DATEDocument date.
DOCLANGUAGESR_20.7.2.0VARCHAR2(10)Document language.
DOCTYPESR_20.7.2.0VARCHAR2(50)Document type.
EXPIRYDATESR_20.7.2.0DATEExpiry date of the document.
ISDIGITIZEDSR_20.7.2.0NUMBER(1)True when this document is a digitized version of a physical (hard copy) document. False when the document was created by a system and imported directly into PASI.
ISEXEMPTFROMQASR_20.7.2.0NUMBER(1)True if the document is considered exempt from quality assurance.
ISQAALREADYPERFORMEDSR_20.7.2.0NUMBER(1)True if the document has already gone through quality assurance prior to import and does not need any additional quality assurance in PASI.
ISRELEVANTSR_20.7.2.0NUMBER(1)True if this document is relevant; false if it has been replaced with another document.
ISTEXTSEARCHABLESR_20.7.2.0NUMBER(1)True if the document has associated text that can be searched.
LINKEDTOORGSR_20.7.2.0VARCHAR2(6)A reference to the organization that the document is linked to.
The school year this document is applicable to.
ORIGINALFILENAMESR_20.7.2.0VARCHAR2(200)Original file name of the document.
TITLESR_20.7.2.0VARCHAR2(200)Title of the document.
USERSCHOOLCODESR_20.7.2.0VARCHAR2(10)The school code of the selected school of the login user.
LINKTOIDENTITYSR_20.7.2.0NUMBER(1)True if the document can be linked to a student's identity.
ISONLYRELEVANTSR_20.7.2.0NUMBER(1)True if the document is considered as the only relevant one for documents of the same type.
REFIDSR_20.7.2.0VARCHAR2(36)Reference Id of the document.
PASICOREVERSIONSR_20.7.2.0NUMBER(11)Core version of the document.
CREATEDBYORGSR_20.7.2.0VARCHAR2(6)Created of by organization value of the document.
DOCSIZESR_20.7.2.0NUMBER(11)The file size of the document in bytes.
DOCMETADATAIDSR_20.10.2.0NUMBER(11)Store document metadata ID, only used for document integration functionality.
WhoCreatedSR_20.7.2.0Varchar2(100)The name of the person who created the record. Defaults to the user.
WhenCreatedSR_20.7.2.0TIMESTAMP(6)The date and time the record was created. Defaults to system date.
WhoModifiedSR_20.7.2.0Varchar2(100)The name of the person who modified the record. Defaults to the user.
WhenModifiedSR_20.7.2.0TIMESTAMP(6)The date and time the record was modified. Defaults to system date.
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