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S_AB_SEC_X (ver 15.11.0)

This table is an extension of the Sections table.

Column Name


Data Type





Primary Key

InstrMinutesOffered15.11.0NUMBER(10,0)The number of instruction minutes the students receive.
AltTermCode15.11.0Varchar2(10)Term code used if a term needs to be overridden as Continuous.
CourseCmpExtCrd17.3.0Varchar2(1)Indicates if an external credential is awarded to students in the section at the time of course completion. Migrated from [Sections.AB_Course_Cmp_Ext_Crd].
CourseCmpFunSch17.3.0Varchar2(3)Indicates ways the delivery of a section can be scheduled. Migrated from [Sections.AB_Course_Cmp_Fun_Sch].
ExamRegiDt17.3.0DateDiploma exam registration date of all students in the section. Migrated from [Sections.AB_Exam_Regi_Dt].
ExamWrtCtr17.3.0Varchar2(4)School code of the Diploma exam writing center of all students in the section. Migrated from [Sections.AB_Exam_Wrt_Ctr].
FrenchInstrHrs17.3.0NUMBER(11,0)Indicates the number of French instruction hours required for the course. Migrated from [Sections.AB_Fren_Istr_hrs].
InstrLanguage17.3.0Varchar2(2)Indicates the language of instruction for all students in the section for the course. Migrated from [Sections.AB_Lng_Cd].
PrimaryDeliveryMethod17.3.0Varchar2(3)Indicates the method of instruction used to deliver the course for all students in the section. Migrated from [Sections.AB_Pri_Del_Met_Cd].
SectionMultiGrades17.3.0Varchar2(50)Indicates that the section must be reported across multiple grades (If applicable) on the Class Size Information System (CSIS) report. Migrated from [Sections.AB_Sec_Multi_Grades].
SectionClassID17.3.0Varchar2(8)Indicate the locally defined Class ID for the section. Migrated from [Sections.AB_Section_Class_ID].
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