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S_AB_CRS_X (ver 17.3.0)

This table is an extension of the Courses table.

Column Name


Data Type





Primary Key

CTSIndicator17.3.0Varchar2(100)Identifies course as a Career Technology Studies (CTS) header or module course. Migrated from [Courses.AB_CTS_Indicator].
DiplomaCourse17.3.0Varchar2(1)Identifies course as a Diploma course. Migrated from [Courses.AB_Diploma_Course].
ExcludeFromCSR17.3.0Varchar2(1)Include or exclude the course from the Class Size Information System report. Migrated from [Courses.AB_Exclude_From_CSR].
FrenchInstrHrs17.3.0Varchar2(1)Identifies if French instruction hours are required for the course. Migrated from [Courses.ab_fren_istr_hrs].
SubjectCode17.3.0Varchar2(4)Identifies the subject code of the course. Migrated from [Courses.AB_Subject_Code].
ABCourseNumber18.8.0Varchar2(10)Identifies the Alberta course code for North West Territories customers.
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