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Provincial Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 Provincial Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: Student Incident Profile Report Updates

Incident Profile Report: Version 1.4

Additional Reference: PSSR-314728, PSSR-313105

The following updates have been made to the Incident Profile report:

  • The report will now return incidents with the correct action (or actions) when it is run for specific action(s).

  • The report will now return the expected incidents when it is run for actions that happened during a specific date range.

  • The report will now return incidents with the correct behavior (or behaviors) when it is run for specific behavior(s).


All States/Provinces: The closing Bracket Is Missing In The Name Of Some Downloaded Reports

Section Attendance Status: Version 1.1
Electronic Attendance Audit Report: Version 1.1
Electronic Attendance Audit Report (PowerTeacher Single User): Version 1.1
Attendance Change History Report: Version 1.3

Section Attendance Statu: Version 1.2
Attendance Audit Report: Version 1.7
Attendance Audit Report (PowerTeacher Single User): Version 1.5

Attendance All Present Audit Report: Version 1.1.0


Demographic and Enrolment (DEM/ENR) Integration

Addresses with the missing address type and format will now result in a failure core alert and will not be submitted to PASI.


Demographic and Enrolment (DEM/ENR) Integration

Force Sync on the extended enrolment screen will now submit data to PASI when applicable.


Digital Student Documents Integration

The documents that are out of the retention period and removed from PASI will now also be removed from PowerSchool.


PASI Direct Connect General Functionality

The PASI maintenance job will no longer discard events that must remain unprocessed.


School Course Marks (SCM) Integration

The marks approval screen will now always use the selected school and has been redesigned to avoid potential conflicts between simultaneous approvals.


Alberta PASI Direct Connect Plugin Version

The PASI Direct Connect plugin is updated to version 5.2.0

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