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Provincial Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 Provincial Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-252065Alberta PASI Direct Connect Plugin Version

The PASI Direct Connect plugin is updated to version 4.2.8

PSSR-254877Demographic and Enrolment (DEM/ENR) Integration

Schools with leading zeros in the Alberta school code are now able to view the PASI Student Profile and edit the school information in the district office.

PSSR-253676Demographic and Enrolment (DEM/ENR) Integration

Concurrent enrolments will no longer send Special Education (Exception) fields to PASI when populating Enrolment Type fields.

PSSR-252588Digital Student Documents Integration

Document types can now be changed after creating the document, as long as they do not go from an organization bound type to non-organization bound type.

PSSR-251882Digital Student Documents Integration

Problem report resolution will always be disabled if the school or district is not the custodian of the student.

PSSR-251346Digital Student Documents Integration

Documents that are larger than the max file size accepted by PASI for that document type will no longer be allowed to be submitted.

PSSR-248781Digital Student Documents Integration

Non-org-bound historical document types can now be added, updated, and/or deleted for students that have had a recent School Enrolment association.

PSSR-252835PASI Direct Connect General Functionality

Core alerts will now be able to be acknowledged when using the new PowerSchool user interface.

PSSR-252748PASI Direct Connect General Functionality

The Hash sync process now removes duplicated course marks in the local copy.

PSSR-246604PASI Direct Connect General Functionality

Events to send missing records in PASI can now be created from the Manage School Course Marks page, not in PASI dropdown.
Note: Created for use in Northwest Territories.

PSSR-254171School Course Marks (SCM) Integration

Switching a course enrolment with a course mark from Withdrawn to Completed will now update the completion status as well as send the course mark to PASI.

PSSR-253930School Course Marks (SCM) Integration

Course marks will no longer get stuck in a failing loop of calls to PASI if they are associated with an invalid school code.

PSSR-250717School Course Marks (SCM) Integration

Couse enrolments will no longer display an incorrect school name for the linked school enrolment.

PSSR-240054School Course Marks (SCM) Integration

The SCM Validations and CTS Validations screens are no longer available from Special Functions.
Note: These screens have been replaced by the Manage SCM/CTS Validations functionality.

PSSR-253235Pref to Enable Digital Equity and Learning Preference in the Public Portal

A district-level pref is now available to enable the Digital Equity & Learning Preference data entry in the Public Portal. The pref is disabled by default.

This pref can be found on the following page for all states/provinces.
Path: Start Page> District Info > Miscellaneous.

PSSR-253137Security Update - Digital Equity and Learning Preferences Public Portal Data Collection

A security update has been made to the Digital Equity & Learning Preference data collection functionality in the public portal and now records can only be seen and modified for the student tied to the guardian that is logged in.

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