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Provincial Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates



Release Note

PSSR-223542Alberta PASI Direct Connect Plugin Version

The PASI Direct Connect Plugin is updated to Version 4.1.7.

PSSR-228016Demographic and Enrolment (DEM/ENR) Integration

The View Linked Document button on the Student's Identify Information is no longer displayed if there is no linked document in PASI.

PSSR-227982Demographic and Enrolment (DEM/ENR) Integration

International Address is no longer required when entering demographic data for a new student.

PSSR-227610Demographic and Enrolment (DEM/ENR) Integration

Upon startup, the Core Alert 3166 conflicts created by Provincial Reporting versions 19.12.1 or higher are removed.

PSSR-227130Demographic and Enrolment (DEM/ENR) Integration

Auto complete for the Resident Board field on previous enrollments displays correctly.

PSSR-226442Demographic and Enrolment (DEM/ENR) Integration

Core Alert 3166 now reads "Student School Enrollment associated to Course Enrollment." The school code and school name are also included in the alert message.

PSSR-226439Demographic and Enrolment (DEM/ENR) Integration

The PASI Student Profile and Student Lookup pages no longer result in an Access Denied error for students that are not associated with the district.

PSSR-199409Demographic and Enrolment (DEM/ENR) Integration

The concurrent enrolment exit date now auto-populates to the day after the last day in Years & Terms.

PSSR-225683Digital Student Documents Integration

A student's identity document is now displayed in a pop-up window. You no longer need to download the document to your desktop.

PSSR-227605PASI Direct Connect General Functionality

The Course Enrolment update job for Endpoint 2018 now completes faster.

PSSR-226248PASI Direct Connect General Functionality

If there are errors in the application, the processes are terminated and are no longer retained in memory.

PSSR-214548PASI Direct Connect General Functionality

The cancel buttons for Data Available Sync and Event Sync jobs are replaced with Restart Data Available and Restart Data Event buttons at the top right hand corner of the Synchronization Queue. These buttons restart the Data Available Sync and Event Sync jobs even when the jobs are in an error status.

PSSR-210518School Course Marks (SCM) Integration

The Term drop-down list on the School Course Marks Approval page is now populated for every school.

PSSR-200182School Course Marks (SCM) Integration

The Primary Delivery Method on sections no longer references custom fields. Additional logging is added for creating/editing sections.

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